Data origin

The data included in the coconut module of TropGENE database have multiple origins.

The initial set was obtained by Cirad teams from:

through collaborative research projects involving CIRAD and other institutions:
  •    Bioversity International

  •    Generation Challenge Programme

  •    Coconut Genetic Resources Network with valuable contributions (samples and/or molecular analyses) from:

    •    Coconut Industry Board/Jamaica

    •    Centro Investigacion Cientifica de Yucatan/Mexico

    •    Coconut Research Institute/Sri Lanka

    •    Dong Go Experimental Center/Vietnam

    •    Coconut Research Institute/Sri Lanka

    •    IPRI/Indonesia

    •    CNRA Marc Delorme/Côte d'Ivoire

    •    PHILIPPINES Coconut Authority/The Philippines

    •    The Australian National University/Australia

    •    Washington University St Louis/USA

    •    Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute/Bangladesh

    •    EMBRAPA/Brazil

    •    Cocoa and Coconut Research Institute/Papua New Guinea

    •    CRI-CATAS/China

    •    Chumphon Horticultural Research Centre/Thailand

    •    Mikocheni Agricultural research Institute /Tanzania

    •    CCRI (Stewart Research Station)/Papua New Guinea

    •    IDIAF/Dominican Republic

    •    MARDI Hilir Perak/Malaysia

    •    Saraoutou Research Station/Vanuatu

    •    Taveuni Coconut Centre/Fiji

    •    Ministry of Agriculture of Tonga

    •    Department of Agriculture Sabah/Malaysia

    •    Olomanu Research Station/Western Samoa