The banana (Musa acuminata) genome

Global Musa Genomics Consortium

MGIS: Musa Germplasm Information System


The genome sequence of the Theobroma cacao Belizian Criollo genotype (B97-61/B2)

CocoaGenDB: The New International Genetic Cocoa Database

CacaoNet: Global Cacao Genetic Resources Network

GRIN: Germplasm Resources Information Network, developed and maintained by USDA.
An automated data retrieval system for the collection and dissemination of germplasm information, including the cacao accessions which have passed through the USDA quarantine system.

ICGD: The International Cocoa Germplasm Database


COGENT: the Coconut Genetic Resources Network (COGENT) aims to promote national, regional and global collaboration among coconut-producing countries and partner institutions in the conservation and use of coconut genetic resources for enhanced livelihoods


ICGN: International Coffee Genome Network


The Cotton Portal Comparative Evolutionary genomics of cotton

CottonGen A genomics, genetics and breeding resource for cotton

TropGeneDB-CMap CMap interface for comparative map display


OryGenesDB: an interactive tool for Rice reverse genetics

IRRI: The International Rice Research Institute

Gramene: A Comparative Mapping Resource for Grains

Oryzabase: Rice Genetic Resource in Japan

RGP: Rice Genome Research Program


BSES : Bureau of Sugar Experiment Stations

Copersucar, Brazil