• 2016
  • September 2016: The files of the GS-Ruse study on rice have been added and can be douwnloaded.
  • March 2016: The files of the GOPS study of genotypes on banana have been added and can be douwnloaded.
  • February 2016: creation of the breadfruit module. Data displayed: 25 SSR nuclear markers developed by C. Witherup et al. (2013 Appl Plant Sci) and 50 additional SSR markers developed and tested at Cirad among 47,607 SSR loci detected from NGS sequences.
  • 2015
  • october 2015: data from the study Incompatibility SNP mapping Brazil of association mapping of genes related to sexual incompatibility in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) have been added
  • April 2015: data from the study GOPS of the genetic diversity of South Pacific bananas involving 191 germplasms tested with 532 DArt and 22 microsatellites has been added.
  • 2013
  • July 2013: root phenotyping data from the rice Orytage project involving 14 traits and 170 germplasms has been added
  • July 2013: data of the SNPs genotyping with GBS of the Orytage rice japonica panel (167 germplasms and 16444 locus) can be downloaded
  • Juanary 2013: Pictures of gel electrophoresis AFLP pattern have been added for the sugarcane module. Can be seen on the GENETIC MAPS tab
  • 2012
  • September 2012: new mapping data added in the cotton module of TropGeneDB, including the recently published Highly Dense Consensus (HDC) genetic map as a consensus of 6 component maps. Two QTLs studies for fiber traits and expression also added for the cotton module.
  • August 2012: genetic Map designed for anchoring sequence data from DH pahang sequencing project "MUSATRACT" in the module banana

    Parentage data for germplasm added in the module sugarcane.
  • February 2012: a genotyping study on 564 accessions and 22 SSR markers added in the banana module of TropGeneDB.
  • January 2012: several phenotyping studies added in the rice module of TropGeneDB. These studies were made for the EURIGEN project on the european rice varieties.